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Labels | How to make your own Fashion Labels

DIY Clothes labels

Admittedly this is not my first sewing project and this one was actually born out of necessity rather than vanity. Having made a couple of items for the girls it became apparent that they were finding it tricky to tell the front from the back on simple t-shirts so I first thought that I would simply sew some ribbons in but then thought better of it and decided to create my own labels.

I found this great article on Pinterest with easy step by step guide on how to make your own labels.

All you need is some iron on transfer paper, an iron (that one’s a given really), some ribbon and some design skills (I used Photoshop to create my logo).

I designed the logo first in Photoshop and then laid it out on an A4 page template. Be sure when printing to print the mirror image of your logo.


After I cut the transfer strips to size I cut my ribbon to match it. You’ll notice that I have used two different kinds of ribbon here – I initially used a cream bias tape, as I was keen to use something that would be soft against the girls skin as I know from experience if anything on their clothing is scratchy then they wont wear it, for neither love nor money. Then I found some canvas ribbon and used that instead as I really liked the rustic look it gave the labels – it is a little rougher but I’m going to wash the labels first and see if they soften before adding them to the clothes I have made.

Print, cut to size, iron and you’re done.

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