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Nighties and Cami’s

Nightdress and shorts set pyjama cami and shorts set IMG_3586

Whilst trawling Pinterest for inspiration I came across Burda Style ( a cornucopia of sewing patterns. Granted some of the stuff is a little dated and as I am a total newbie to this I wasn’t sure if this is what is to be expected. I do rate this website above other pattern sites though because it is the one that most feels like a standard ecommerce fashion shopping site. The products are easy to browse and the patterns are cheap, easy to download and use. I do find that the sizes seem to be massive though. My girls might be a little on the slender side but I don’t think they are that far out from their peers and I certainly found with Rosie that I had to opt for much smaller sizes going forward and even going a couple of years younger than her age (according to size) they still seem very roomy. Thinking about it, I must be doing something wrong… they can’t be that far out?

I found this dress pattern ( which I simplified further to make a simple nightdress for Rosie, I then made a cami out of it for Belle and downloaded this shorts pattern ( to make a pyjama set.

For the material I bought some fat quarters from hobby craft – this I used for the ruffle and bias tape and the rest was made out of an old duvet cover (well I didn’t want to invest too much in this in case I turned out to be a talentless monkey).

I’m afraid I don’t have step by step photos (still too new to this – though I’ll do that going forward). As a first project I was really pleased – alright they do look a little bit like the Von Traps. Sorry kids!

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