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DIY Tutu’s

Princess DIY Tutu skirts

DIY Tulle Tutu DIY Princess Tutu DIY Princess Tutu DIY Tulle Tutu DIY tulle tutus princess tutu skirts

I’ve been toying with the idea of making tutus for a while now (though grown up size) as I love the idea of being all Audrey Hepburn and flouncing off with ruffles of skirt behind me or Lily Allen  and giving them an edge with some boots or trainers.

I thought it best to start with the girls though (mainly because they begged me). I have to say that I really loved making these. They were so easy, just 5 circles one on top of the other, gather them individually at the wait to fit your natural hip width (this is so that you can get it on and off), join the waistbands with a zig zag stitch being careful not to drop any of the layers and then to make life really easy I attached them to a thick elastic waist band.

The Pattern

You can find the pattern here

Top Tips:

  1. Measure your natural hip – this will give you the circumference, you need to get the radius (now for some maths) r = circumference/2π or you can use this handy on-line tool
  2. when drawing out your circle fold you fabric into quarters, draw your circle pattern on to some paper first ( I cellotaped some baking parchment together) and then tie a piece of string cut to the desired length of the skirt around a pencil – ask a willing volunteer or minion to help hold one end of the string in place and as you stretch the string and draw it will draw a perfect circle. I think I could have explained that better…
  3. I decided to line the skirt with satin, I think I’m probably never going to do that again. I can’t tell you how much grief I found it to work with – the fraying was ridiculous. Next time I think I’ll use some jersey knit in the same colour as the dress net. I think I turned the house blue with my language.
  4. ebay, ebay, ebay – dress net was so cheap, as was the top layer with sequins. I’ve also now found some gold elastic which will look really nice as a waist band, these also come in a vast array of colours. I accidentally ordered silver (read grey) tulle instead of ivory, so I’ve got a shed load to use up but though that by adding some sequins around the base of the skirt it could look rally pretty.

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