thrifty fashion for the girl about town

I’ve been a graphic designer for most of my adult life. I also happen to have a pretty big shoe fetish, dress fetish, make-up fetish… ok I have an anything fashion fetish which has wreaked havoc on my bank balance. This year I have set myself a challenge; If I could reasonably (and to an ok standard) make it myself then I am not allowed to buy it. It would seem quite a lot of things fall into that bracket…

My poor children run the risk of looking like refugees from The Sound of Music, but I’m hoping my good taste will prevail and that by the end of the year my thrifty fashion experiment will be working for all of us (that or they’ll hate me).

The litmus test will be if anyone asks me ‘where I got that dress’ (hopefully with envy in their voice and not pity).

So here we go.

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